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Jun 11 2023

How to Contribute to Community Leaders Cm-Tools Repository!

CM tools is an open-source repository on Github that contains a large list of community managers’ tools that they use regularly for their work. In this article, I am going to show you how you can contribute to the list of tools in case we missed some and you will love to contribute and add to it.

Does Your Company Need a Community Team

What does community mean to you? Did you know that you can be a part of a community without even knowing it? This is because community is not only about people but about feelings.

Building A Design Community In Africa

Being a designer is super fun. Using the power of your mind to come up with beautiful designs can leave you feeling awestruck at what you can produce. Now imagine if you had a group of persons with similar interests to yours who can give you more ideas on how to create more goodness. Yup. We’re talking about a design community. 

Building an Ambassador Program in Africa

A sure way for your community to experience tremendous growth is by having ambassadors. They are responsible for connecting members of your locality to services, programs you run, and other resources. They help to increase awareness about your program and represent your brand in the larger community.

Building Communities on Campus

There are lots of tech enthusiasts like you on campus and bringing them together to form a community is awesome. It can improve their academic performance, increase their chances of graduating and also have them leaving with an additional skills.

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