June 30th & July 1st 2023 | Community Leads in Africa Summit


A virtual event for community builders, leaders, managers, and developers advocates in and within Africa. It's 100% free.


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The Community Leads Africa Summit brings together community managers and builders in a two-day learning experience to bridge the gap in building and managing credible communities in Africa.

Community builders and managers will better understand what community is and how to build and manage a sustainable community in their various localities and companies.

Who is invited to #CLASummit23? Everyone is welcome to attend the summit, from African community builders to leaders and executives in the community industries, community-led startups and companies, developer relations and developer advocates, and community builders.

Meet Your Speakers

Haneefah Abdurrahman
Haneefah Abdurrahman

Program Manager at Ingressive For Good

Aniedi Udo-Obong
Aniedi Udo-Obong

Program Manager at Google

Erik Martin

Head of Community Led at Commsor

Ibraheem Zulkifli

Developer Community Manager

Michael Oladele
Michael Oladele

Marketing & Community at Cowrywise

Kirsti Lang

Content Lead at Commsor + Community Club

Marvis Ighedosa

Co-Founder at UntitledDesigners

Oliver Mensah

Devrel at DigitalOcean

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